About Us

The Edmonton Zone Medical Staff Association, Calgary and Area Medical Staff Society, North Zone Medical Staff Association, Central Zone Medical Staff Association and South Zone Medical Staff Association are the local voice for 4700 physicians in the North, Edmonton, Central, Calgary and South health zones.  

The Women’s Health Committee advocates for women’s health, with a focus on equity and access to care. It consists of 12 physician members across all these five zone organizations.

Who We Are

ADVOCATING: We represent all physicians across Alberta, in each zone. We organize to address patient care issues, health system changes and the medical profession.

LEARNING: We offer opportunities to our members that support their well-being, medical practice and leadership.

CONNECTING: We gather socially for physicians to build relationships. Fostering relationships with our colleagues builds better medical practice and brings us together as a profession.
MEMBERS INCLUDE: Physician practitioners; medical staff of hospitals, continuing care facilities, PCN and Non-PCN based community clinics; community-based specialists; dentists and oral surgeons; clinical scientists; and podiatrists.

We Have 4 Primary Goals

Advocate for Access:
Work towards ensuring that women of all ages in Alberta have access to evidence-informed healthcare services. This involves supporting and promoting policies and practices that prioritize and facilitate women's healthcare access.

Recommend Strategies:
Provide short- and long-term recommendations to the public and government. These recommendations are specifically designed to enhance equity, access, and the overall comprehensiveness of healthcare services for women in the region.

Be A Trusted Medical Source:
Establish the organization as a reliable and trustworthy source of medical advice and expertise. This involves connecting with women's health experts in Alberta to disseminate accurate information and guidance to the public.  

Raise Public Awareness:
Shed light on the impact of inadequate care and inequitable access for women within our health system. We aim to garner support for positive changes, advocate for necessary improvements, and contribute to the  enhancement of women's health.